Light Smoky Quartz

$67.42$106.45 /Sq Ft


Light Smoky Quartz

$67.42$106.45 /Sq Ft

You can order custom cut to size light smoky quartz slab from here, please enter slab length and height required. Maximum size 120 x 72 inches and Minimum size 12 x 12 inches.

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Light smoky quartz semi precious stone cut to size tiles and slabs, light smoky quartz features translucent shades of crystal in grey and light grey shade, light smoky quartz is most popular crystal in nature from decades. Light smoky quartz semi precious gemstone is translucent and can be backlit or frontlit.

Perfect choice for, light smoky quartz backlit countertop, table top, backsplash and many other interior application.

Backlit led kit with adapter is included with light smoky quartz order.

  • Stone : Light smoky quartz
  • Maximum Size Allowed (Length X Height) : 120 inch x 72 inch
  • Thickness : 10mm, 20mm or 30mm
  • Global Shipping : Yes
  • Material type : Translucent
  • Back-lit : Yes
  • Back-lit Led Kit Included: Yes
  • Surface Type : Polished
  • Light Smoky Quartz Applications : Interior, exterior, flooring, back splash, walling, counter top, bar top, worktop, table top, Island etc.

Smoky quartz Metaphysical Healing Properties

  • Enhances ability to relate to the concrete world
  • Powerful stone for improving survival instincts
  • Good stone for cooperation
  • Improve creativity and lateral thinking in problem solving
  • Ability to banish negativity
  • Absorbs bad vibrations of negative energy surrounding


Additional information

Weight N/A / sq. ft.
Slab Thickness

10 MM, 20 MM, 30 MM

Free Fabrication

We provide free of cost fabrication in precious slabs. You can ask for any kind of cutouts and edging in these slabs.

Please mention your fabrication requirements at the time of checkout on order notes section. You can also send email to [email protected] describing details of your fabrication requirement.

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